LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Was Teased Six Months Ago!

The official announcement of the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition (76391) was met with very favourable responses but did you know that LEGO actually unveiled it in 2019?

That’s right. As part of the “Rebuild The World” campaign, LEGO published a series of posters and one of them featured a kid with a brick-built wand and a brick built Hedwig tugging on his Gryffendor scarf.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Iconcs Hedwig (L); Rebuild the World Hedwig (R)

The Hedwig in the poster and the one that actually was included in the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter D2C are strikingly similar although not exactly the same.

According to an interview with Senior LEGO Designer Marcos Bessa, he explained:

A couple of years ago, our marketing team approached one of our designers and asked them to build a life-sized owl for our Rebuild the World campaign. Wes Talbot took on the challenge and the first life-sized brick-built owl was born.

A few months later, we were discussing the next D2C for LEGO Harry Potter and we wanted to make sure that we brought something unique and different. Since Wes did a brilliant job with the first owl, I decided to build a concept idea around it to bring it up for discussion with the team and Warner Bros.

This is a really cool easter egg and both LEGO Hedwigs look like awesome builds. I like Wes’s take on the claws although I like Bessa’ body proportions. Which design do you prefer?

(Additional Info via Brick Fanatics)

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