MOC Feature: Into The Mirror Dimension

Over the weekend, LEGO photographer Lego_nuts dropped his latest concoction which is a perfect blend of ingenious moccing and digital photography.

At first glance, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that it is was achieved with some digital trickery of some sort but in actual fact, is a complete physical build.

The look of the mirror dimension was achieved by building the micro scaled buildings along the curvature of the LEGO train tracks, thus giving it the appearance of the city folding upon itself.

According to Lego_nuts, there are approximately 120 unique buildings in this scene alone.

I’ve always enjoyed lego_nuts’s photography and it is really a treat to catch a glimpse of how these amazing images are created.

You can check out more images in the gallery above or click on the youtube video below for some insight into his building process.

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