LEGO Disney Pixar Lightyear 2022 Sets First Look!

Pixar’s latest theatrical offering is a couple of months away and LEGO has just updated their Shop@Home website with three sets from the Lightyear movie.

I’m actually most interested in the XL-15 Starfighter as I quite like the design of Buzz Lightyear’s ship in the movie. And also because the set comes with a new cat animal figure.

XL-15 Starfighter (76832) – 497pcs – 49.99€

Minifigures: Buzz Lightyear, Darby Steel, Mo Morrison and Sox

This build, play and collect XL-15 Starfighter (76832) set lets space fans ages 8+ step into the shoes of an action hero. When your child sends Buzz Lightyear on another mission aboard his spaceship to save the galaxy from evil, the only limit is his imagination.

Model for play and display
This buildable toy spaceship features authentic details from the Disney and Pixar film Lightyear, which tells the origin story of Buzz Lightyear. The fuel cell is removable and the LEGO® minifigure Buzz Lightyear fits into the opening cockpit. The set includes 4 characters from the film and 3 weapons, including Darby’s rocket launcher, so fans can recreate exciting scenes from the film. A stand with an information board completes the model, which will draw everyone’s attention in the children’s room.

  • Buzz’s starship from the movie: When fans hop aboard Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear XL-15 Starfighter (76832), the only limit is their imagination
  • Role-play with Buzz and the other Space Rangers: Includes 3 LEGO® minifigures, including Buzz Lightyear, a LEGO robot cat and 3 weapons. The spaceship features an opening cockpit and a removable fuel cell
  • Creative fun: Fans can slip into different roles, get the spaceship ready for launch, let the XL-15 fly and send the LEGO® minifigures into exciting space duels with their cool equipment 

Zurg Battle (76831) – 261pcs  – 29.99€

Minifigures: Buzz Lightyear, Izzy Hawthorne, Sox and E.R.I.C.

Transport space fans aged 7+ into the fascinating universe of the Disney and Pixar Lightyear movie with the Duel With Zurg set (76831). The creative play set offers great fun for young Space Rangers. Your child can help the minifigures Buzz Lightyear and Izzy and the cat Sox take the fuel cell back from the villain Zurg.

Endless gameplay
Fans can recreate scenes from Buzz Lightyear’s origin story. Your child can duel the evil Emperor Zurg and build a toy mech with posable arms and legs. Izzy can fire her cool stud shooter and Buzz can use the laser on his wrist. This collectible building set also inspires fans to create cool adventures of their own. Plus, with this set, your child can learn that if you work together, you can stop even powerful villains!

  • Exciting space duels for little action heroes: Buzz Lightyear fans aged 7 and up fly into space to work with the Space Rangers team to stop the evil Mech Zurg
  • Fascinating movie characters: The 76831 Duel with Zurg set includes 2 minifigures (one of which is Disney hero Buzz Lightyear), a LEGO® robotic cat, a buildable robot and a posable mech
  • Exciting duels: Fans prevent Zurg from stealing the fuel cell from Buzz’s spaceship. Cool equipment such as the laser on the wrist and the shooter provide valuable services

Zyclops Chase (76830) – 87pcs – 19.99€

Minifigures: Buzz Lightyear, Izzy Hawthorne

Do you know a little space ranger who loves Buzz Lightyear? Then you will bring your child a lot of fun with the construction toy Cyclops Chase (76830). Fans of the Disney and Pixar film Lightyear, about the origins of Buzz Lightyear, can recreate scenes from the film and learn how to build with LEGO® bricks in a fun way. Buzz Lightyear minifigure wears a space suit and helmet. And the mech has movable arms and legs as well as a disc shooter for particularly dynamic duels.

Simple models for the offspring of the Space Rangers
LEGO 4+ sets contain clever functions for an exciting play experience. The starter component serves as a robust foundation for the model. In addition, there is also a figure in each brick bag, so that the first role-playing games are possible before the model is completely finished.

Great fun for the whole family
4+ sets are great toys for adults and children to build together. Adults who have never built LEGO bricks can rest assured that this collectible building toy with Buzz Lightyear comes with illustrated instructions, making it easy for youngsters just learning to build.

  • Recreate scenes from the origin story of Buzz Lightyear action figure: Surprise girls and boys aged 4 and up with the Cyclops Chase (76830) playset based on the Disney and Pixar film Lightyear
  • Building action toys for Buzz Lightyear fans This creative set includes LEGO® minifigures Buzz Lightyear and Izzy wearing spacesuits, helmets and armor, a buildable toy mech and 3 blasters
  • Thrilling Rescue Missions: Enter an imaginative world of adventure as Buzz Lightyear fans move the buildable toy mech, fire its disc shooters and send the heroes out to stop the giant
  • Gift for Buzz Lightyear fans aged 4 and up: With the help of the starter building block and the clear picture instructions, LEGO® 4+ sets can be put together quickly and teach children to build
  • Birthday present for play and display: The buildable toy mech stands 12 cm tall and can simply be placed in the child’s room to be ready for the next adventure at any time
  • Quick fun: The set is quick to put together, as it includes a starter building block onto which the other elements are attached, as well as particularly easy-to-understand picture instructions for children who cannot yet read
  • Thrilling cinematic action in the children’s room: fans will be delighted to reenact scenes from the Disney and Pixar film Lightyear, engage in exciting duels of their own and develop creative skills in the process

These sets are slated to be launched on April 23rd at all LEGO Brand and Certified Stores.

I’m actually pretty stoked about the new animated feature that explores the character that inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy from Pixar’s Toy Story series. Check out the trailer below!

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