LEGO Ideas Cosmic Cardboard Adventures (40533) Sneak Peek!

In their latest e-mailer, LEGO has finally revealed the LEGO Ideas Cosmic Cardboard Adventures (40533) gift with purchase for the month of May.

If you recall, this was the winning entry by Ivan Guerrero (aka bulldoozer) for the Out of This World building contest last year which chalked up a majority with 2,869 votes.

Ivan Guerrero’s (aka bulldoozer) Out of This World building contest entry

I’m glad that they retained the essence of Ivan’s build and added on some interesting bits like the teddy bear mech and the “hand-drawn” classic space flag.

There is no date for when the promo will start but it should be soon as I’ve seen some of the sets in the LEGO Stores already. The redemption amount is pegged at USD$160 to get one which is cheaper than the previous LEGO Ideas Sailboat Adventures (40487) that required us to spend USD$200 instead.

Congrats Ivan on your second official LEGO Ideas set!

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