LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet 21334 Sneak Peek!

The LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet 21334 that was based off Hsinwei Chi‘s winning LEGO Ideas entry is not due to be on the shelves till later in October this year but Instagram user Theaddshot managed to snagged a couple of images to the upcoming set!

I think the LEGO designers did a great job retaining the essence of Hsinwei’s submission and this would make a pretty decent display piece.

The set comes with a full jazz quartet along with brick built instruments like the piano, trumpet, cello and drum set.

It consists of 1606pcs and had a street date of October 1st 2022. I’m not sure how this set managed to make its way to the shelves of Target so early but perhaps LEGO is bumping this up earlier.

More information to come soon! Watch this space!

3 responses to “LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet 21334 Sneak Peek!”

  1. Jason Price says:

    Thats not a cello, thats a stand up Bass( what jazz bands used before the electric bass)

  2. Amdrew Leong says:

    They changed the pianist to a while guy. Fail.
    The original idea of the lady in the gold dress was so much better.

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