LEGO Blacktron is Back!

There were rumours of LEGO Blacktron making a come back and now thanks to youtuber Brique Logique, we can confirm the existence of the LEGO Blacktron Cruiser (40580)!

It was apparently spotted at a store in France but he was unable to purchase it as it was slated as a gift with purchase for next month.

It is most likely a tribute to the the LEGO Blacktron Invader (6894) that was released in 1987 which continues the trend of LEGO dipping into their repertoire for inspiration (and a bit of nostalgia bucks).

The LEGO Blacktron Cruiser (40580) consists of 356pcs which is double of its predecessor. It includes the Blacktron Spaceman figure along with a brick built robot.

Here are a few more images from the box:

This should be quite an fun gift with purchase to pick up when January rolls around as there are some notable sets to get in the new year. The redemption amount is rumoured to be 150€ so plan those purchases!

(additional information via Promobricks)

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  1. Sts says:

    Oh man oh man I hope they get around to doing an updated Ice Planet set

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