LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge 10325 First Look!

It’s only September but it is never too early to start celebrating the year end festivities and LEGO has just announced the latest addition to the Winter Village Collection!

This year, we’ll be able to expand the Winter Village with the LEGO Icons Alpine Village (10325)!

It features a quaint little ski lodge complete with a hearty fireplace to cosy up to, frozen pond for outdoor ice skating and even an outhouse for those untimely calls to nature.

The set will also include a total of five minifigures and a cat and squirrel animal figure.

The recommended retail price for the set is €99.99 / £89.99 / $99.99/ 899.0 CNY/ 169.99 AUD /129.99 CAD which is not too shabby considering we’ve been seeing some severely over priced LEGO Icons sets of late.

The LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge 10325 will have a street date of 1st October for all LEGO Insiders and 4th Oct for public sale.

This set comes at a lovely price point and it and it is keeping in theme with the past few Winter Village sets like Santa’s Visit or the Elf Clubhouse.

Overall, I’d still get it when it’s closer to Christmas as there is a lot of discounts at the local stores come the festive periods.

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