LEGO Mini Piggy Bank and LEGO Picture Frame Discovered

LEGO Extended Line

LEGO has a habit of quietly releasing their extended line products and it is thanks to Brickset that we have a sneak peek of the LEGO Mini Piggy Bank (40251) and the LEGO Picture Frame (40173).

It appears that the LEGO Mini Piggy Bank was discovered on the shelves of the LEGO Certified Store (LCS) in Warsaw, Poland.

LEGO Mini Piggy Bank - 40251

It is a lot smaller than the previous LEGO Piggy Bank but it appears that it can be re-built into a Mini-Panda and Mini-Mouse bank.

The LEGO Picture Frame was first discovered in the LCS in Dubai and I’m told that it is also on sale at the Big Shop in LEGOLAND Malaysia.

LEGO Picture Frame (40173)

This actually looks interesting as you get a brick built LEGO picture frame that can laid out in landscape or portrait format complete with a couple of storage boxes.

(Additional information by Tommy)



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