LEGO To Revert To Lighter Backgrounds For Instruction Manuals

When LEGO launched their “Adults Welcome” line, one of the changes they implemented was to have the instructions of those sets printed with black backgrounds (presumably because all adults like dark brooding colours?).

Needless to say, that didn’t go too well as it was hard to see the what was required in each step when you get a build that uses dark colours like reddish brown or black.

This led to AFOL Sam Walker (and a lot of us) to feedback that the black backgrounds were not very conducive for building as it was terribly hard to see and LEGO’s customer service gave this response below:

©Sam Walker

Not to mention that the black pages do require a substantial amount of black ink, this confirmation is a step in the right direction.

I’ve tried building the Flower Bouquet (10280) and even with the bright colours, it was quite challenging when it got to the darker elements. I do applaud the LEGO group in recognising that the adult fans are part of the consumer ecosystem but the whole sleek box packaging theme is quite dull to be honest.

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