The LEGO House Is Moving To Singapore!

In a surprise press conference today, The LEGO Group has announced that it will be moving the LEGO House to the sunny shores of Singapore!

The four year-old structure will be completely upheaved, brick by brick and transported to Singapore for a duration of 12 months.

“It is a dream for me to be able share this wonderful building with the fans from all across the world” ~Kjeld Kirk Cristianson

The LEGO House will then be dismantled and re-assembled in another country which has yet to be determined. LEGO’s fan headquarters will be part of a traveling program that will allow it’s global fans to enjoy the LEGO experience first hand within their own country.

We acknoweldge that it is difficult for our awesome fans to travel to Denmark especially in this pandemic. So we figured that if you can’t come to The LEGO House, we will go to you.” ~Niels B. Khristianson

This also means that those within the country that the LEGO House is residing in will be able to purchase the LEGO House exclusive sets that were once only available in Denmark.

This is fantastic news! I cannot wait to finally visit the LEGO House and bag me some exclusive sets that I can resell later! ~ Hor Ding Yew

The dismantling process has already begun in Denmark and we can expect the ground work to start in Singapore by the end of the year.

The LEGO House will be situated on the Padang which is a large open space right in the center of the country’s tourist district flanked by hotels and shopping malls as well as LEGO Singapore’s Hub office.

This is a mammoth project not only to move the building but the LEGO builds within as well. Good thing this is all made of LEGO which makes reassembly a cinch ~Edvard Klug Kristiansen



See full press release here.

17 responses to “The LEGO House Is Moving To Singapore!”

  1. Dennis Hansson says:

    Aprol fols day ha ha ha

  2. Meggy says:

    Great, looking forward 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Charmaine Seccombe says:

    Even more reason to visit Singapore now.

  4. Lisa Meng says:

    Awesome,Looking forward 😁

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  6. Zen says:

    When is the deadline?

  7. Simone Pandofi says:

    Che peccato molto più accessibile la Danimarca che Singapore sono deluso
    Quando ritornerà in Danimarca?
    Verrà in Italia?

  8. Yes says:

    Is this an April fools joke

  9. LC says:

    I was too happy for the news… but only to really feel upset the news had cheated my feelings…
    Please do make your way to Singapore, LEGO House !

    • Brickfinder says:

      One can hope! April fools is actually an opportunity to wish openly for things to happen. Who knows, maybe we might get to see a LEGO House pop up store somewhere around the world in the future.

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  13. Wendry Julius Dreier says:

    april 1st

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