LEGO VIDIYO Wave 2: Do Trans-clear Minifigures Exist?

The official announcement of the LEGO Vidiyo Wave two not only brought us even more polychromatic minifigures to the fold but it does encourage a possibility that a only hardcore LEGO collectors have always thought to be true; the existence of trans clear minifigures.

There is a very niche but fervent subset of the LEGO fandom that dedicates themselves to the tracking down of monochrome minifigures which essentially means that every single element, from the head to the torso to the leg assembly, of the same colour.


Every collector that I have encountered so far is always on the look out for coveted colours to complete the full minifigure. However, the trans-clear colours have never been completed before as there have not been any trans-clear minifigure elements except for the head piece.

Thanks to the LEGO Vidiyo Wave 2 reveal, we now know that trans-clear legs do exists as there are two minifigures in the wave that sport them. Which begs the question, what other minifigure elements have been produced or will be produced in the future?

The bear with the trans-pink legs can be found in the LEGO Vidiyo Bandmate Series 2 (43108) and the bear with the trans light blue legs can be found in the Candy Castle Stage (43111) set.

Ebay has been inundated with listings of trans-clear minifigures that claim to be authentic prototypes. Could they actually be real and were test runs for LEGO Vidiyo minifigures and perhaps future collectible minifigure series?

The timing does coincide as LEGO’s production processes does need a three to four year runway before actual production. Those trans-clear monochrome minifigures could be a trial for things to come.


While I’m not confirming that we will be able to construct full trans-clear monochrome minifigures in the future but the signs do point in that direction. And if you think about it, it wouldn’t make sense for LEGO to JUST produce the trans-clear legs.

Hopefully this might drive down those exorbitant prices for those prototype figures if LEGO does release them in some official capacity.

2 responses to “LEGO VIDIYO Wave 2: Do Trans-clear Minifigures Exist?”

  1. Sunhuntin says:

    Some of the China figures had trans light blue arms, but only one side I think. Couldn’t make a matched pair

  2. Sunhuntin says:

    Ugh, typo sorry. CHIMA figures.

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