LEGO House Dinosaurs 40366 Retiring December 2021

There have been plenty of reports on LEGO sets that are approaching their EOL (End of Line/Life) date and The LEGO House also has one of their exclusive models slated for retirement.

LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366) set was announced by The LEGO House to retire at the end of this year which basically means that they will not produce any new copies and will sell off whatever stock is left.

Along with the Tree of Creativity (400026)  that was taken off the shelf last year, this leaves only the exclusive LEGO Architecture LEGO House (21037), LEGO House Wooden Duck (40501), LEGO House Brick Moulding Machine (40502) for sale at the LEGO House come 2022.

It is challenging to visit Denmark during Covid times so if you haven’t had a chance to visit Billund and are able to do so, you might want to pick up a copy before it sells out.

As for those who do not reside in Continental Europe, we might just have to rely on friends and fellow AFOLs for help at travel during this period is rather challenging. Good hunting everyone!

(Thanks to NI for the heads up!)

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