LEGO Overwatch 2 Titan 76980 Official Images!

I was wondering if LEGO Overwatch 2 would ever see the light of day and now we have official images to the LEGO Overwatch 2 Titan (76980) set!

There has been a multitude of rumours surrounding the fate of the series and with this revelation, we can at least know there might still be one more set left in the bag to release.

The set features prominently the Null Sector Titan Mech with minifigures of Mei and Tracer in their updated Overwatch 2 outfits. I’m guessing this is based on the cinematic trailer announcement for the game Overwatch 2 which means that Winston is missing from the lineup.

Hopefully they release more sets based on the game as there are still quite a few characters that have not got the minifigure treatment.

The recommended retail price for Europe is €79.99 and there isn’t a launch date set although at the rate things are going, I’m just happy that this isn’t cancelled…..yet.

(Via Promobricks)


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