LEGO Harry Potter 2HY 2022 First Details!

Now with most of the reveals for the first half of 2022 out of the way, we can turn our focus on some of the sets that we will be seeing once we cross into the latter half of next year.

Our good friends over at Promobricks have released a list of set numbers and their corresponding prices for the LEGO Harry Potter 2HY sets that gives us an idea of how much funds we would need to set aside if we are going to indulge in our Wizarding World hobby collection.

  • 76400 for USD/ € 19.99
  • 76401 for USD/ € 49.99
  • 76402 for USD/ € 79.99
  • 76403 for USD/ € 99.99
  • 76404 for USD/ € 44.99 (This should be the Advent Calendar for 2022)
  • 76405 for USD/ € 469.99 (Should be the next D2C set)
  • 76406 for USD/ € 49.99
  • 76407 for USD/ € 89.99
  • 76408 for USD/ € 119.99

The listing for 76405 is speculated to be the next LEGO Harry Potter D2C and it is anyone’s guess as to what it might feature. It could be a completely stand-alone like the Hogwarts Icons (76391) or maybe it is the remaining half of the LEGO Hogwarts Castle (71043).


What we do know is that it is the most expensive LEGO Harry Potter set to date which means that it is quite sizeable. I would expect the sets for 2HY 2022 to have a mix of Fantastic Beasts as well as sets based on the Wizarding World.

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