Is LEGO Teasing At LEGO The Matrix Sets?

LEGO’s Twitter sent LEGO fans into a slight frenzy then they posted the below image undoubtably to capitalize on the marketing runway for the latest Matrix movie that it about to premiere in later today.

But it does hint that LEGO might just dip into that intellectual property to produce some official LEGO The Matrix sets for the adult fans.

Lets consider how plausible this notion is. For starters, the Matrix franchise is owned by Warner Bros whom The LEGO Group have already developed a close relationship through the LEGO Harry Potter franchise as well as Batman and the entire DC roster of superheroes.

Not to mention, Agent Smith did make a cameo appearance in the LEGO Batman Movie when Joker arrives at the Phantom Zone.

There are a lot of reasons for LEGO to explore this franchise (besides making money) as it would introduce a lot of Matrix fans to the world of LEGO.

Matrix Hovership: Novalis

Hovership Novalis Moc by Paul Meissner

Either way, it would be cool to finally get official minifigures of Neo, Trinity and Morpheus. Maybe LEGO can tackle the John Wick franchise next?

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