LEGO 90th Anniversary Knight’s Castle 10305 Full Details

With the 90th Anniversary of the world’s most recognisable interlocking bricks fast approaching, we have even more confirmed details with the largest LEGO Castle / Knights set ever to be released!

The LEGO 90th Anniversary Knight’s Castle 10305 will be LEGO’s attempt to dip back into the Castle / Knights / Kingdoms themes for some of that nostalgia dollars come August 2022.

The castle will be huge. The entire set, minifigures et al, will consist of a whopping 4514 pcs which has never been achieved before in any of the medieval themes.

Possible first look at the LEGO Knight’s Castle 10305 in the LEGO Delorean commercial.

There will be a total of twenty-one minifigures; Queen, Majisto, 9 Lion Knights, 2 Falcon Knights, 2 Forestmen, Forestmen Child, Maid, Farmer, Baker, Boy, Skeleton.

Here is a quick break down of what to expect from the LEGO’s largest castle set to date:

  • Half a meter wide in diameter
  • Possibility to be folded up (like the original Lion King Castle)
  • Large Gatehouse
  • Wooden drawbridge which can be raised
  • Dungeon with two cells under the castle gate
  • Escape route through the cell on the left
  • A kitchen
  • A mill with a waterwheel
  • Treasury
  • Queen’s chambers
  • Dining room

Notably missing from the interiors list is a throne room which is a little bit odd since that would be one of the main features of a castle. Perhaps it is combined with the dining room.

While I can applaud LEGO for celebrating their 90th Anniversary with a LEGO Castle set, it also pains me to report that the price tag on this lovely gesture is €349.99 which translates to approximately SGD$511 and that is a price point that not many AFOLs can afford.

Yes, most LEGO fans from the 1980’s have a bit of disposable cash but after the pandemic this is something that is quite challenging to justify. It just feels that only the rich can afford to be nostalgic at this point. The LEGO fans I know don’t necessarily have the resources to splurge $500++ on a LEGO set.

I would honestly have preferred that they released a smaller set with a cheaper price point and if anyone wanted to create a larger castle, can just buy multiple sets like the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Castle (31120) from last year.

The set is slated for an August release which is the actual anniversary month so do look out for an official reveal soon!

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