Blast into The Past With The LEGO Galaxy Explorer 10497!

LEGO Galaxy Explorer 10497

The LEGO Galaxy Explorer (10497) has to be the my pick for best reveal at the LEGO Con 2022.

I am a classic space fan and I had the original LEGO Galaxy Explorer 497 which fuelled my imagination to infinity and beyond.

The new LEGO Galaxy Explorer (10497) does retain some of the original charm of its predecessor but this is essentially a reboot with a slew of new LEGO elements and building techniques.

LEGO Galaxy Explorer 10497

It still preserved the play function of the cargo bay that can be opened to reveal the lunar rover inside but the rest of the build screams of its sleeker and polished design.

I much prefer the original Galaxy Explorer most likely because it was one of my first LEGO sets I ever got but it also had a much more simplistic design which left a lot room for the imagination to flourish.

LEGO Galaxy Explorer 10497

The LEGO® Galaxy Explorer (10497) will have a recommended retail price of USD$99.99 / £89.99/ €99.99 /179.99 AUD/129.99 CAD.

It will have a launch date of August 1st 2022 and will be available at all LEGO Brand and Certified Stores around the world.

LEGO Galaxy Explorer 10497

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