LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Results Announced!

I have to confess that I have not been following the majority of the projects that are up for review on the LEGO Ideas platform for a while now as there are just so many that achieve the required 10,000 qualifying votes.

The two projects that beat the rest of this stage’s entries are The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tvrulesmylife and the Red London Telephone Box by Bricked1980.

The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tvrulesmylife

I expected this project to make it through as a lot of these LEGO Ideas sets are essentially selected based on the intellectual property that LEGO have the license to produce.

As this is a Disney property, it would have been quite easy to arrange a deal with the House of Mouse to make it into a real set that you could buy.


The Red London Telephone is another safe choice and as mentioned earlier, they probably were able to get the licence to produce the set as it is a London icon.

Now all I need is for them to release this in dark blue and we’d have a Ultimate Collectors Series styled Tardis.

There were a total of fifty-one sets in total that stood a chance to be selected for production. Man, I remember the time when we had less than 10 projects vying to be made into a set at the review stage.

As much as I do enjoy seeing such a varied selection at each review, I also do feel that a lot of good projects get drowned out due to the sheer number of projects jockeying for a space on the store shelves.

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