LEGO Disney 100 Up House 43217 Sneak Peek!

It has been 14 years since Pixar premiered this movie and it is about damn time that LEGO finally released a set based on that highly acclaimed animation.

It features Carl Fredricksen’s primary mode of transport, his helium balloon house. It consists of 598 pcs and to be honest, I think it could use at least….10 times the number of balloons.

It includes two minifigures and two animal figures in the form of Russell, Carl Fredricksen and Dog and squirrel.

The set is essentially a facade build with some interiors although I suspect that you could buy two sets and combine them to form one bigger house (with more balloons).

The LEGO Disney 100 Up House 43217 will retail at 54.99 € which should translate to approximately SGD80. It will have a street date of April 1st.

LEGO fans have been MOC(my own creation)-ing this since forever and not to mention the multiple LEGO Ideas Project entries that have been submitted, which makes this a no brainer for LEGO to release their own commercial version.

Now waiting patiently for a LEGO Disney Pixar Coco set.

One response to “LEGO Disney 100 Up House 43217 Sneak Peek!”

  1. Gail Callicott says:

    Is this, going to be released in the US, as well? Or just Europe? And, what will the US$ price be? This is SO fantastic! Another to add, to my small [but growing] Cartoon Collection!
    Thanks, Lego!

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