LEGO Icons DUNE Ornithopter To Arrive November 2023!

As the second installment of  Denis Villeneuve’s science fiction epic ramps up it’s publicity machine, we have got word that LEGO will be collaborating with the franchise to launch the first brick set based on the intellectual property!

Sources have corroborated that the set will be based on the Arrakis Ornithopter which closely resembles a dragon fly with multiple wings on either side oscillating to maintain flight.

Dune’s Ornithopters (Via Warner Bros)

The set is rumoured to consist of 1369 pcs which means that it should be of a decent size as with my estimate somewhere between a LEGO Millennium Falcon and the LEGO Guardians’s Ship (76193).

There has been a handful of MOCs (My Own Creations) that fan designers have created since the first Dune movie hit the cinemas.


Built by Simon Liu

Built by lo_d_rocket-12

These do showcase the potential of the set that will eventually be released by LEGO. Hopefully they do take some inspiration and give us a proper Ornithopter (and minifigures!)

The set will be part of the LEGO Icons theme which has been the go-to category for LEGO and their one-off intellectual property collaborations.

We will get a more concrete announcement some time in October so do watch this space!

The Dune Part 2 movie is slated for a November premiere but there is some chatter that it could be delayed due to the writers /actors strike taking place in Hollywood at the moment. I doubt LEGO would delay the set but don’t rule that out.

(Additional Information via Promobricks)

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  1. As a life long ” brick head “, I have made a number of creations like the ornithopter. Or better sed DaVinci type objects, and have be patiently waiting for Lego to produce. Please consider this , there could be dozens of sets that could be packaged together or sold individually. Always inspired and awaiting!

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