LEGO Icons Chevrolet Corvette 10321 Official Reveal!

The first LEGO Icons Chevrolet set was dedicated to the Camero Z/28 and now Denmark’s greatest export is following that up with the LEGO Icons Chevrolet Corvette (10321) sports car!

The Chevrolet Corvette (C1) was firstproduced by Chevrolet in the late 1953 and had a production run till 1962.

The LEGO Chevrolet Corvette measures 32cm from bonnet to boot which makes it 4cm shorter than the LEGO Camero that was released last year.

The model is packed with play features like a working steering wheel as well as working hinged doors.

Pop the bonnet open and you’ll see the it’s small block V8 engine recreated in true LEGO fashion.

You can also choose to have it displayed in it’s convertible mode or with the hard top just like the Camero.

It consists of 1210 pcs and will have a recommended retail price of  USD149.99 / €149.99 /   £129.99 / 249.99 AUD / 199.99 CAD / RMB1299.

While this model looks sleek and very true to form, it doesn’t really look like LEGO any more. It is a very thorough SNOT (Studs Not On Top) build with not a stud in sight but I feel that it loses the LEGO DNA as it looks like one of those model kits rather than a LEGO set.

You can check out the gallery below for more pics of the car below:

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