LEGO Toy Soldier Holiday Ornament 2016 Official Photos

LEGO Toy Soldier Christmas Ornament 2016 (5004420)

LEGO Christmas Ornament 2016 (5004420) – Toy Soldier

LEGO has just released the official images to the LEGO Toy Soldier Holiday Ornament (5004420) for the November holiday promotion.

Earlier I reported about the different holiday promotions for both the regions of the United Kingdom and the United States. This one is redeemable during the period from November 1st to November 25th with purchases of USD$50 or more.

The United Kingdom and Europe is slightly later from November 12th to November 23rd with purchases of £25/€30 or more.

LEGO Toy Soldier Christmas Ornament 2016 (5004420)

There is still no word if this will make its’ way to Singapore but chances are that it will as they did have a similar promotion offered at the LEGO Certified Stores last year.

The Toy Solder does make a really nice Christmas tree ornament along with last year’s Xmas tree and it comes in a cute little blue draw string pouch.

I do hope that this comes with the printed tile of the year to commemorate the holidays. They had a printed 2105 tile for the Christmas tree last year.

(Photos via Promobricks)


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