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Will We Be Getting LEGO Super Mario Brothers Soon?


The official announcement of the LEGO Minions Rise of Gru sets has lead to some speculation as to what else might turn up in the future. We here at Brickfinder have heard from a reliable source that here is a possibility that Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. will be inducted into the stable of intellectual properties that LEGO […]

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LEGO Buys Online Marketplace Bricklink


While there were some rumblings of Bricklink being acquired, I didn’t expect that it would be the LEGO Group to pick up the tab. Although on hindsight, it was an obvious decision by the brand. The AFOL community are definitely concerned with this acquisition as it does pose an anti-consumer situation as the brand now owns a sizeable portion […]

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Unpopular Opinion: Is LEGO Losing Its Touch with its Fans?


That question has been heavily bandied about the LEGO Ambassador’s Network for the past week (it’s been a discussion for years actually) and recently hit a fevered pitch when LEGO starting rolling out exclusives that were unobtainable by the majority of fans. I have always been a proponent of inclusivity but I do know that […]

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Top Ten Reasons Attend Japan BrickFest 2019!


I had the immense fortune earlier this year to attend one of Japan’s largest gathering of AFOLs right here on Rokko Island. It was an amazing experience being able admire all the intricate MOCs and dioramas in person as well as getting to know with new friends. Not only was Japan BrickFest a great experience for any […]

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LEGO Inside Tour Diary: Day One


Today is the very first day of the last LEGO Inside Tour for 2018 and I have to admit that it is a little bit difficult to contain my excitement for this trip that has been two years in the making. As most of you already know, the LEGO Inside Tour, or more affectionately known as just […]

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Wood You Like Some Large Scale LEGO Minifigures?


Craig Daniel has been crafting these large scale minifigures for close to five years now. And all the wooden figures that you see in the picture above are completely fabricated by hand during his free time. It would be very easy to resort to computer assisted machinery but he prefers to craft them with just basic […]

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LEGO Voltron Defenders of the Universe Fan Model Up Close!

LEGO Voltron

  Over the last few days, LEGO Ideas finally announced that the LEGO Ideas project submitted by Leandro Tayag from the Philippines would be made into an actual LEGO set! I had the great fortune to meet Lendro (Lendy) in person and get a first hand look at the LEGO Voltron model at the recent […]

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Top Ten LEGO Moments In Movies


AFOLs around the world rejoiced when the latest Spiderman: Homecoming trailer hit the web for a very specific reason. The trailer showcased a certain LEGO Death Star being completely decimated by Peter Parker’s best friend, Ned which is pretty much the first time that the little plastic brick has been featured so prominently in a Hollywood movie.

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China Bricks Company ‘Officially’ Making AFOL Designed Sets

Xingbao Makes Official AFOL Sets

**UPDATE** It has come to light that the China bricks company Xingbao (星堡) is own by 美致模型 (Meizi Model) which is the same company that owns Lepin (樂拼).  This essentially means that while one company, Xingbao, enlists the work of AFOL designers, the other, Lepin, just rips designs off wholesale. The 29th Guangzhou Toy & Hobby […]

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Are You Able To Spot The Fake Minifigure?

Fake Minifigure

There is a recent video making it’s way around by the BBC where they got the LEGO’s General Manager of Manufacturing in Asia, Richard Wong, to identify which of the minifigures is original LEGO and which one is the imitation. Needless to say that he has a bit of difficulty in pointing out which one was his product.

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