LEGO Rumour Mill: September 2020 Edition

LEGO Rumour Mill

The last couple of days saw a deluge of information with regards to the release of upcoming sets in 2021 for Harry Potter, LEGO Technic, LEGO City and Star Wars.

So I figured I’d compile all the stuff that the rumour mill has been churning out into one big post for easier referencing!

LEGO Harry Potter

Set NumberSet NamePcsRRPLaunch
75382Textbook with Transfiguration Classroom?€ 29.9919/01/2021
75383Textbook with Potions Classroom?€ 29.9919/01/2021
75384Textbook with Herbology Classroom?€ 29.9919/01/2021
75385Textbook with Charms Classroom?€ 29.9919/01/2021
31201Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests?€ 119.9919/01/2021

As you can see from the list above, the LEGO Wizarding World of Harry Potter will see a series of LEGO Buildable Books that can be opened to reveal its corresponding classroom.

LEGO Harry Potter Book MOC by Gabizon

I would liken it to something similar to the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) where a vignette is contained within its covers.

However, judging from the price point, it could follow the LEGO Disney Princess Storybook Adventures sub theme with the moulded covers.

There will also talk of a mosaic which will feature the Hogwarts house crests. I presume that it should allow us to build the insignias of the different houses with the elements provided like the LEGO Art series that was recently launched.

Hogwarts Crest MOC by Cheesey Studios

LEGO Star Wars

Set NumberSet NamePcsRRPLaunch
75295Microfighters: Millennium Falcon101€ 9.9902/2021
75296Microfighters: ????€ 9.99?
752974+ Resistance X-Wing92€ 19.9903/2021
75298Microfighters: Tauntaun & AT-AT 213€ 19.9903/2021
75299Unnamed Mandalorian Set 276€ 29.9902/2021
75300TIE-Fighter432€ 39.9902/2021
75301Red 5 X-Wing474€ 49.9902/2021
75302Imperial Shuttle589€ 79.9903/2021
75303Unnamed UCS Set?€ 199.9905/2021
75304Darth Vader Helmet721€ 69.9905/2021
75305Scout Trooper Helmet567€ 49.9905/2021
75306Imperial Probe Droid538€ 49.9905/2021
75307Buildable Statue??05/2021

The LEGO Star Wars theme is rumoured be adding a couple more helmets to the sub-theme along with the usual fare of reissued X-wings and Microfighters.

Vader’s helmet should be similar to the SDCC Vader Bust that was released a couple of years back and the rumoured Scout Trooper helmet was just begging to be made as it is a fan favourite.

What interests me is the mention of a new buildable figure that is in the same vein as Yoda and The Child (Baby Yoda). Not sure which character they might feature this round.

I’m also intrigued about the Imperial Probe Droid as this would be the first time that LEGO will be releasing one.

Imperial Probe Droid MOC by Lino Martins

LEGO Technic

Set NumberSet NamePcsRRPLaunch
30465?Polybag (?)??01/2021
42116Skid-Steer Loader140€ 9.9901/2021
42117Racing Plane154?01/2021
42118Monster Jam Grave Digger212?01/2021
42119Monster Jam Max-D230?01/2021
42120Hovercraft?€ 29.9901/2021
42121Hydraulic Excavator?€ 39.9901/2021
42122Jeep Wrangler665€ 49.9901/2021
42123McLaren Senna GTR830€ 49.9901/2021
42124Off-Road Vehicle (Control +)374?03/2021
42125Ferrari (18+)1677€ 179.9903/2021

Next year will see LEGO Technic release an 18+ version of a Ferrari super car. We’re still not sure which model they will feature but the price tag is pegged at €179.99 so I don’t think it will be in the same range as the LEGO Bugatti or Lamborghini.

LEGO Technic Ferrari LaFerrari MOC by brunojj1

LEGO Technic also seem to be partnering up with the Monster Jam brand to release some sets based on a couple of their rigs like Max-D and Grave Digger.


Set NumberSet NamePcsRRP Launch
60275Police Helicopter (4+)51€ 9.9901/2021
60276Prisoner Transport244€ 19.9901/2021
60279Fire Truck87€ 9.9901/2021
60280Fire Truck with Ladder (4+)88€ 19.9901/2021
60281Fire Helicopter212€ 29.9901/2021
60282Mobile Fire Brigade Control Center380€ 49.9901/2021
60290Skatepark195€ 29.9901/2021
60291Modern Family Home388€ 49.9901/2021
60292City Center790€ 99.9901/2021
60304Crossing with Traffic Lights112€ 19.9901/2021
60283Vacation RV190€ 19.9902/2021
60284Construction Site Truck58€ 9.9902/2021
60285Sports Car89€ 9.9902/2021
60286Beach Rescue Squad79€ 9.9902/2021
60287Tractor148€ 19.9902/2021
60288Racing Buggy Transporter210€ 19.9902/2021
60289Air Show Jet Transporter281€ 29.9902/2021

One of the biggest rumours to come out of the mill is that LEGO is doing away with the Road Baseplates and opting for a more modular solution.

The idea is that each “modular section” will have a footprint of 16 x 16 studs where you can construct your desired roads with the tiles provided.

Not sure how these will be compatible with the LEGO modular buildings as those all sit on a baseplate and there will be a noticeable height difference between the roads and the modular sidewalk.

LEGO Art Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse LEGO Mosaic MOC

The LEGO Art series has proved to be a moderate success with a lot of purchases for the Iron Man and Star Wars mosaics so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to add the iconic Disney characters to the mix.

There are rumblings of a Mickey and Minnie mosaics coming our way in the first quarter of 2021.

As with all rumours, I would caution everyone to take all the above information with a bucket of salt. Till we get an official word from LEGO, this is pure speculation. But it is still fun to speculate.

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