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Review: LEGO® City 4D Movie – Officer in Pursuit!


There is a brand new 4D movie that will be rolling out to the LEGOLAND parks across the globe and it is the LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit! It features our plucky LEGO City Policeman hot on the tails of the city’s most notorious crook that brings us through the bustling streets of this brick metropolis. This […]

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Review: LEGO Benny’s Space Squad (70841)


The first wave of LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part set has officially been released and I’m going to take a look at one of the most sought after sets of the series. Ever since Benny’s Space Squad (70841) was revealed, it has been the most anticipated sets from the movie purely because it contains not one by three […]

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LEGO Dragon Dance (80102) First Impressions!


The LEGO Dragon Dance (80102) set is one of the more unique sets that I’ve ever come across as combines both Asian traditions and LEGO ingenuity in one very affordable set! It features a traditional Chinese Dragon Dance scene but unlike the LEGO Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) set, this one actually moves! Unboxing […]

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LEGO Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) Hands On!


Our good friend, Wooden Duck, over in Shanghai managed to get these on launch day and generously shared the images with me so that we can get an advance look at the LEGO Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) & the LEGO Dragon Dance (80102) set! I’ll take a look at the LEGO Chinese New […]

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Review: LEGO Overwatch Hanzo Vs Genji (75971)


The next set that I will be reviewing features the iconic scene between Hanzo and Genji where the two brothers confront each other at their family shrine. While the set may look a bit basic, it actually hides a couple of play features as well as having two of the most detailed minifigure designs of the series. Unboxing […]

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Review: LEGO Xtra Sea Accessories (40341)


The Xtras Accessory polybags made quite a splash when they debut in the middle of this year. There were five in the initial wave that covered a range of themes like plants, cookery and even street lamps. Now LEGO is adding a 6th polybag that features underwater accessories and they graciously allowed me to get a […]

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Review: LEGO Overwatch Tracer Vs Widowmaker (75970)


Ever since the announcement of the collaboration with Blizzard, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for these sets to be released as I’m a huge fan of the team-based multiplayer first-person shooter. There are six sets in all from this wave and I’m going to start with the smallest of the lot which is essentially […]

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Review: LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion (75987) Blizzard Exclusive


The announcement of the Blizzard Exclusive LEGO Overwatch set took me and quite a lot of my friends completely by surprise. I definitely was not expecting to actually physically own any LEGO Overwatch sets till 2019 rolls around as we haven’t heard a peep of LEGO’s line up for this much anticipated theme. I also apologise […]

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Review: LEGO Creator Winter Village Fire Station (10263)


We are now into the fourth quarter of 2018 and this means that Christmas will arrive in no time! As with previous years, LEGO will be releasing an advanced model Christmas set, this year’s being the Winter Village Fire Station (10263). In the past two years, we have seen the release of two train-themed Christmas […]

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Review: LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (71043)


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has cast its spell on us this year with the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (71043). This for me is one of the highlights of 2018 for me as I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter world. So you can imagine my glee when I got my hands on the set for […]

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