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Wood You Like Some Large Scale LEGO Minifigures?

Craig Daniel has been crafting these large scale minifigures for close to five years now. And all the wooden figures that you see in the picture above are completely fabricated by hand during his free time. It would be very easy to resort to computer assisted machinery but he prefers to craft them with just basic […]

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LEGO Voltron Defenders of the Universe Fan Model Up Close!

LEGO Voltron

  Over the last few days, LEGO Ideas finally announced that the LEGO Ideas project submitted by Leandro Tayag from the Philippines would be made into an actual LEGO set! I had the great fortune to meet Lendro (Lendy) in person and get a first hand look at the LEGO Voltron model at the recent […]

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Top Ten LEGO Moments In Movies

AFOLs around the world rejoiced when the latest Spiderman: Homecoming trailer hit the web for a very specific reason. The trailer showcased a certain LEGO Death Star being completely decimated by Peter Parker’s best friend, Ned which is pretty much the first time that the little plastic brick has been featured so prominently in a Hollywood movie.

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China Bricks Company ‘Officially’ Making AFOL Designed Sets

Xingbao Makes Official AFOL Sets

**UPDATE** It has come to light that the China bricks company Xingbao (星堡) is own by 美致模型 (Meizi Model) which is the same company that owns Lepin (樂拼).  This essentially means that while one company, Xingbao, enlists the work of AFOL designers, the other, Lepin, just rips designs off wholesale. The 29th Guangzhou Toy & Hobby […]

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Are You Able To Spot The Fake Minifigure?

Fake Minifigure

There is a recent video making it’s way around by the BBC where they got the LEGO’s General Manager of Manufacturing in Asia, Richard Wong, to identify which of the minifigures is original LEGO and which one is the imitation. Needless to say that he has a bit of difficulty in pointing out which one was his product.

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LEGO MINI Cooper MK VII Price Hike (Singapore)

There was some chatter that there will be a price increase for the LEGO MINI Cooper (10242) here in Singapore come January 2017. And now some of the LEGO Monobrand stores have already listed the new price of SGD$179.90 in anticipation for the new year which is a 20% jump.

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The Return of The LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon

The Burnout © Avanaut

The LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon (10179) has been the holy grail for LEGO collectors all over the world (and even some Star Wars ones) ever since the set retired in 2009. I remember that it had a hefty price tag back then USD$499.90 which translated to be about SGD$899.90 here in Singapore. To be honest,

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