Merry LEGO Christmas From Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia Brick-Tacular Holiday Celebrations

Legoland Malaysia Brick-Tacular Holiday Celebrations

Another year is about to close and Legoland Malaysia invited us up to attend the opening ceremony for their year end Brick-Tacular Christmas celebrations!

The Tallest Duplo Christmas Tree this side of Asia is back along with the life sized Advent Calendar for our holiday countdowns but one of the major highlights for me was the re-opening of the Kuala Lumpur (KL) section in the Mini-land.

Tallest Duplo Christmas Tree in Asia Life Sized Advent Calendar

Ever since the unfortunate fire that wiped out most of the KL section, it is has been rebuilt and is back looking as beautiful as ever thanks to the tireless efforts of the master builders at Legoland Malaysia. I will write a separate article focusing on the Kuala Lumpur cluster with an exclusive inside look at the new section!

Legoland Miniland Kuala Lumpur Cluster Reopens

There are a tonne of activities this year that will last from the 1st of December all the way to the end of the month and I’ve highlighted some of the cool things that you can do at Brick-Tacular Holiday Celebrations!

Exclusive Legoland Malaysia Brick-Tacular Holiday Duplo Brick

Legoland Malaysia Exclusive Brick-Tacular Holiday Brick

Here is a handy guide on how to obtain the Exclusive Holiday Duplo brick from Legoland Malaysia. It took a bit of investigating and there are still some different reports going around but we tried to narrow down the main steps required.

For starters, pick up this brochure/pamphlet from Guest Services.

Legoland Malaysia Brick-Tacular Brochure map Legoland Malaysia Brick-Tacular Brochure map
You will need this brochure to collect 6 stamps in total, three through activities and three others through answering of questions.

The first would be to take a photo with Santa’s elves at the Snow Village which is located next to the life sized advent calendar and opposite the Ninjago theater.

Elf Pictures

Next, you would have to join the building activity of constructing either a LEGO Snowman, Santa or Candy cane to receive your stamp. This activity is located next to the Ninjago Theater.

Build Your Own Santa

The third stamp can be obtained just by watching the Live Christmas Carol at The City Theater (where the Ninjago Realm of Shadows Live Show is held). There are two timings for the show daily at 11:45am and 3:45pm so just take note as not to miss them.

City Stage

These stamps do not have to be collected in order so I would suggest planning your journey around Legoland Malaysia around the show timings. Once you complete each activity, you will receive a stamp.

Legoland Malaysia Snow Village

There are three more stamps to collect which will require you to answer a question each. The answers can be found in the Snow Village and once you have them, a Legoland Model Citizen (anyone in a blue uniform) will stamp your map.

Once that is completed, the final step is to find Santa at the Santa Sleigh Parade which takes place around the park daily at 1:45pm and 6:45pm.

Santa Sleigh Parade

Once you have attended the parade, you will get your the Duplo brick. It does sound like a lot of hoops to jump through just to get one Duplo element but I suspect that they might change the criteria along the way as this is just the start of the celebrations.

If anyone has experienced other ways of obtaining the Duplo brick, do drop us a message.

Legoland Holiday Festivities

Legoland Brick-Tacular Celebrations

Legoland Malaysia has ramped up the number of activities here in park from the daily parades to live performances.

Here is a list of the daily activities:

  • Building Activity (11am – 5pm) – Guests can build their a Santa, Snowman or Candy Cane out of LEGO.
  • Santa Sleigh Parade (1:45pm and 6:45pm) – Starts around the mini-land and moves around the park. Santa will give away candies and treats.
  • 2016 Christmas Show (11:45am and 3:45pm) – A live action Christmas show at the Festive Stage
  • Street Performers (4 times a day) – A Tin Soldier, Elf and Gingerbread man will have 30minute long performances at the City Area
  • Legoland Express Trail and Seek (Whole Day) – Take a ride on the Legoland train and find Rudolph and his friends along the track.
  • Snow Village (Whole Day) – A snow village that  as well as snow effects 4 times a day.
  • 2016 Advent Calendar (7:15pm) – A draw will be held every day at this time to see which lucky patron will go home with the day’s advent calendar offerings
  • New Year’s Eve 3D Musical Fireworks – This will be held at 7:45pm on New Year’s Eve (31st Dec) where with the help of 3D glasses, you will see fire works in the shape of LEGO bricks raining from the sky.

Brick-Tacular Advent Calendar

Daily Advent calendar giveaway

Everyday from the 1st to the 25th of December, the Advent Calendar will have a special gift for a lucky patron of Legoland Malaysia.

Advent Calendar Lucky Draw Coupon

Advent Calendar Lucky Draw Coupon

At the Festive Stage (opposite the City Stage) every evening, a draw will be conducted to see who will walk away with the daily giveaway. All you need is to fill out the coupon portion (above picture) of that brochure/pamphlet/map and drop it off at the collection point located at the Snow Village entrance.

Hope this helps if any of you are planning a trip to Legoland Malaysia this season. And if you do encounter any changes, do let us know and we will update this post!

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