LEGO Batman Movie Tiger Print Suit Batman Discovered

LEGO Batman Movie Tiger Print Batsuit

Looks like there is another LEGO Batman Movie polybag to collect which gives us the Tiger Print Suit Batman to add to our collection.

From the packaging, it can be deduced that it could very well be an Asia exclusive probably something to tie in with the launch of the movie in that region.

The polybag gives us Batman in the Tiger Print suit that we glimpsed from the trailer (i think). It comes with a clam-shell cover with some bat-accessories like a batarang and his trademark grappling hook.

LEGO Batman Movie Tiger Print Batsuit

**Update** This is actually part of the promotion by LEGO Hong Kong and the LEGO Batman Battle Pod (5004929) will be distributed as part of a promotion. The first 200 people to make a purchase at Harbour City Hong Kong will get this goodie bag which contains:

  • LEGO® Batman Movie™ Minifigure (One Packet)
  • Lego ® Global Limited Edition Bricktober 2016 (Random 1 Box)
  • Lego ® Global Limited Edition Bricktober 2015 (Random 1 Box)

Details are still a little bit sketchy but the event will be held on the 2nd of January 2017 from 9am – 12noon. You can check the full details at the LEGO Hong Kong Facebook Page.

This brings the total count of The LEGO Batman Movie polybags to six. If anyone comes across any others do drop us a PM or comment below.

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