LEGO Batman Movie Happy Meal Freebies Revealed

LEGO Batman Movie Happy Meal Freebies

McDonalds just updated their Happy Meal website with the LEGO Batman Movie Happy Meal goodies.

I posted about the Happy Meal packaging last week which teased that there would be a joint promotion between Warner Bros. and McDonalds for The LEGO Batman Movie. 

It is a variety of toys this time round (as opposed to The LEGO Movie ‘toys’) and the ‘fun cups’ are back. This time featuring Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Catwoman with Riddler on the wraparound.

These are different from the lenticular “Action cups” that was used for The LEGO Movie promotion.

There is also some sort of 3D-viewer in the form of the bat-cowl that allows you to view 3D images like those Viewmaster toys from along ago.

There is also a jigsaw puzzle of Batman, Robin and Batgirl and some character cut outs that come in some collector tins.

Once again, I feel like McDonalds missed an opportunity to market actual LEGO products but at the same time I do understand that the small bits can be choking hazards for the young kids. Perhaps a series of LEGO Batman Key chains would prove safer.

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