LEGO Dimensions Expansion Packs Going for 99¢

LEGO Dimensions Expansion Packs Going for 99¢

It was brought to my attention recently that some of the 99¢ stores around the United States have been selling the LEGO Dimension Expansion Packs for just under a dollar.

Reddit user TheJohnny346 just posted a shot of the La Brea 99¢ store  in Los Angeles California with a wider selection of the first wave of LEGO Dimension expansion packs.

Here is a list of what was found at that store

The minifigure alone is already worth more than the 99¢ price tag (SGD$1.42) and I’m sure there are a bunch of us who would find good use for the parts as well.

If you have any friends in Los Angeles (Or around California state) at the moment you might want to contact them now to ask if they can help you get an expansion pack…..or fifty.

I would expect the stock to vary from store to store so they may not have all the packs listed here.

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