First Lepin Certified Store to Open in Beijing, China

April fools 2017

With Lepin gaining a huge market share of the bricks toy industry, it was only a matter of time before they made they solidify their presence with the world’s first Lepin Certified Store.

Work on the store is already in full swing which is located right next to the Shijingshan Amusement Park in Beijing, China.

Marco Bell

Shijingshan Amusement Park ©Marco Bell

Special features of the store include displays of fully assembled Lepin models and a Pick-a-Lepin wall, with bricks of assorted colours stored in cuboid canisters. Lepin fans select bricks a la carte by filling small (¥10) and big cups (¥30) to the brim.

Ms Sum Ting Wong, managing director of Lepin China, says: “We wanted to open the Lepin Certified Store to enhance the whole Lepin experience for the customers and fans here in China.”


She adds that they are looking to open more Lepin Certified stores around Asia to fortify their brand. Asia is Lepin’s fastest growing market in the world and they want to make Lepin the Apple of clone bricks systems.

We managed to get some opinions of some members online about the news and self proclaimed Lepin Fan, Mr. Gong Jiao Wei, 33, “I feel great that the store is opening because it shows that Lepin recognises its growing fan base,”.

Marketing executive Ms. Yuna Kitei, 26, started collecting Lepin this year after she caught The Lepin Movie with her boyfriend. “I am super excited about the shop. There are too many clone brands out there and this sets them apart from everyone else. For a Lepin fan, this is really quite a dream come true.”

The store will open its’ doors to the public on 29th of February 2018.

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    shame on beijing, shame on china

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    terrible. china is awful

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