Organise your collection with The LEGO Storage Guide!

LEGO Storage Guide

One of the main questions that we AFOLs and builders face is “How do you store your LEGO”? Thanks to Tom Alphin of The LEGO Architect, we finally have a definitive answer.

Tom has generously shared online (for free) an handy LEGO Storage guide that compiles all the tips and tricks on how to maximise the space that you have to store your favourite plastic bricks.

Organizing by Part / Colour / Element ©Tom Alphin

Organizing by Part / Colour / Element ©Tom Alphin

It even has categories for different sized collections as well as recommendations on how to store and display your minifigure collection.

ziplock bags for minifigure storage

Ziplock bags for minifigure storage ©Tom Alphin

There are a lot of helpful information in there so if you are in a pickle on how to organise your collection (like me), this will be super handy.

It is still in the beta preview stage so there will be more sections added later so if you have any feedback, do drop Tom a message (or a friendly hello!) at

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