LEGO City Hospital (60204) Official Images!

LEGO City Hospital (60204)The LEGO Group has answered my prayers with the reveal of the LEGO City Summer 2018 Hospital (60204) Set!

I’ve been saying this to everyone who would listen that we are long overdue for a LEGO Hospital set and now we have a whole one to play with.

LEGO City Summer 2018 Hospital (60204)

It comes with a slew of minifigures and we have updated torsos for the nurses and doctors. Also included is a light brick that allows you to project your own minifigure x-rays.

LEGO City Summer 2018 Hospital (60204)

There is no word on the pricing yet but going by the previous Police or Fire station pricing, it should be about USD$99.

LEGO City Summer 2018 Hospital (60204)

Can’t wait to get my hands on this one as I’ve been waiting since 2012 for LEGO to take another crack at the hospital theme. Hopefully they release some other medical vehicles  as well in the coming future.

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