LEGO Seasonal Penguin Girl (5005251) Set Revealed!

LEGO Seasonal Penguin Girl (5005251)

The LEGO Seasonal minifigures have been proven very popular amongst the kids and it looks like LEGO has one coming up for the winter holidays.

The LEGO Seasonal Penguin Girl (5005251) is the latest addition to the lineup which is great since the Penguin Boy was so popular when the Collectible Minifigure Series 16 came out.

LEGO Seasonal Penguin Girl (5005251) back

The Penguin Girl set is essentially the LEGO Penguin Boy minifigure but with a female head piece and a new printed torso. She also comes with a pair of cute purple skis with snowflake patterns.


The packaging is similar to the other LEGO Seasonal Minifigures like the Iconic Easter (5004468) , Gingerbread Man (5005156), Caveman & Cavewoman (5004936) and the Easter Bunny 2018 (5005249) where it comes in a box with a tearaway opening in the front.


There is no word if these will be part of a promotion here in Asia but from the experience of the previous minfiigures, it would most likely be a gift with purchase. It should also be made available for direct purchase in the other regions like the LEGO Seasonal Easter Bunny 2018 (5005249).

(Via eBay. Special thanks to Vin for the heads up!)

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