LEGO Star Wars Trading Card Game Coming in August!


According to German online trading card store “Stick-it-now“, there will be a LEGO Star Wars Trading Card Game (TCG) coming in August!

There have been previous LEGO collector card collections before but this would be the first time it would have a game incorporated in it.


There will be 252 cards to collect along with 24 Limited Edition Gold Cards. It will come in the usual rollout with booster packs, starter decks and something they refer to as “mini-tins”.

As I used to play Magic: The Gathering (MTG) this is quite intriguing for me. I really hope that this gets brought into Asia as TCGs are quite popular here.

Here is the official statement from Stick-It-Now (translated from German):

Lego Star Wars Trading Card Collection

We can’t believe it. A Super Series follows the next one.
On August 11th, the Lego Star Wars ” Trading Card Collection ” is published by Blue Ocean Entertainment and you can pre-order them here ”
The Picture shows the limited card of Obi-Wan Kenobi In Star Wars Magazine No. 39 on 11. August.

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(Thanks to Promobricks for the heads up!)

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