LEGO Ludo Game (40198) Set Discovered!

LEGO Ludo Game (40198)

The latest addition to LEGO’s extended line has been discovered by Brickset as the first image of the LEGO Ludo Game (40198) has been uncovered.

Ludo is essentially a simpler version of the Indian game Pachisi where two to four players race their tokens from the start to the finish line by the way of dice rolls.

The set comes with 16 minifigures with eight different designs as your tokens and it is priced at 40€ (SGD$62.61) which is very decent for a set like this.

This was spotted in the LEGO Brand Store in Berlin so it should make it’s way to the other regions by September 1st. My guess is that LEGOLAND Malaysia should be stocking it really soon as well.

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