LEGO Bricktober 2018 Confirmed for September 28th!

LEGO Bricktober 2018

Ever since the closure of the Toys ‘R’ Us stores across the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, the fate of our favourite Bricktober promotion has been left hanging.

Which is why I’m elated to get confirmation that Toys ‘R’ Us’s Bricktober is still alive and will begin promotions on the 28th of September 2018 and run through the month of October. Here is the official quote from LEGO Singapore:

Thanks for reaching out to LEGO and for your interest in Bricktober! Indeed the campaign is coming up from the weekend starting 28 Sep and will run throughout October.

Details are still a bit scant but at least we know that the sets we have been fussing over the past couple of weeks will indeed be available for local purchase / redemption.LEGO-Bricktober-Infinity-War LEGO-Bricktober-Harry-Potter LEGO-Bricktober-Ninjago LEGO-Bricktober-Jurassic-World-03

Watch this space as we uncover more information! Do note that this is for LEGO Singapore and that other regions will most probably have similar rollout plans for Bricktober so do check with your local outlets!

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  1. Hi there Brickfinder! This is great news, now that information is slowly coming in that LEGO stores around the world seem to teasing on the eventual roll-out of the Bricktober 2018 minifigs. Mind if I ask, will these be offered in LEGO brand stores in Singapore, or are they LEGO certified stores like that of Bricks World? Thanks!

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