LEGO 60th Anniversary Heritage Build Instructions!


A couple of months ago, LEGO released a series of limited edition heritage builds exclusive to the Asian regions like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Thanks to some very generous AFOLs, we have managed to compile the instructions to these models so that you can build them yourself!


LEGO 60th Anniversary Singapore duck

You can download the .pdf file here.


LEGO 60th Anniversary Singapore bus

You can download the .pdf file here.

LEGO Train

LEGO 60th Anniversary Singapore Train

You can download the .pdf here.

LEGO Truck

LEGO 60th Anniversary Singapore Truck

You can download the .pdf here.

Red Brick Stationery with Mobile Stand

LEGO 60th Anniversary Singapore brick stationary

You can download the .pdf here.

These beautiful models are designed by Hong Kong’s only LEGO Certified Professional Andy Hung so do drop a shout out to him if you are posting anything to social media.

The models do not look too hard to replicate as there are no unique elements. Perhaps some of the colours may be a tad hard to find but it should all be available on Bricklink. Good hunting everyone!

(Special Thanks to Janet Yiu for providing the instructions!)

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