Tour the Apocalypse with LEGO K-VRC!

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It has been a while since I churned out an MOC Feature but I just finished watching Netflix‘s “Love, Death + Robots” animated anthology and it was an exceptional piece of storytelling.

One of my favourite episodes was titled “Three Robots” which had three robots (obviously) touring a post-apocalyptic Earth, trying to piece together how we lived as a species. If you haven’t watched it yet, I would highly recommend it.



Which brings me to prolific Mecha Builder Messyworks (aka Lu Sim) who has re-created the adorable K-VRC in fine LEGO form.

K-VRC Love Death + Robots 01

The expressions LEGO K-VRC is are just spot on and captures the essence of the character, pure unbridled enthusiasm. I love that he used the printed alphabet tiles from the LEGO Business Card Holder (850425) for the eyes as it was a perfect match for its animated counterpart.

K-VRC Love Death + Robots 04

And if you are a fan of LEGO, Lu Sim also has the instructions for this “descendent of baby monitors” up on his website for just USD$5! I’ve already bought my instructions and I cannot wait t make my own K-VRC!



And even if you don’t intend to build this lovable guy, the instructions is still a great introduction to mecha building. There are a tonne of building techniques in there that is worth way more than the USD$5 you’re shelling out for. (I was really amused as to what he used as the elbow joint!)

Thanks again for making this! Looking forward to you next one.

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  1. Lu Sim says:

    Thank you for the feature and glad you enjoyed the build 😀 -Lu

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