LEGO Dragon Boat Race (80103) Official Details!


The Bricksworld LEGO Certified Store in Singapore just announced that the much anticipated LEGO Dragon Boat Race (80103) will hit the shelves on May 1st!

According to the website, it will be an online purchase only which means you would need to log in here to do so. The recommended retail price for this set is SGD$84.90.


There are some caveats and one of them being that it will be limited to two sets per receipt/order but it doesn’t specify if we are able to place two separate orders.80103_Prod-01

Hopefully they would clarify that later as I can anticipate a lot of people trying to order this in the wee hours of labour day.

Here is the full FAQ from the Bricksworld website:


1. When is the set available to purchase on-line at Bricks World?
It will be available on our on-line store,, from 1st May at 8.30am.

2. Why is Bricks World only selling this set on-line and not in-store?
Due to limited stock availability and the expected queues following the launch of the earlier LNY sets we have decided to launch this set only on-line in order to reduce customer inconvenience by removing the need for customers to queue for long periods at stores.

3. Is there a limit to how many sets I can buy? 
The limit is 2 sets per receipt/order.

4. How many sets do you have?
Our policy is not to publish our stock balances, however the amount of stock available to us is less than the previous LNY sets.

5. Will there be online stock replenishment?
We have been informed there are no current plans to supply further stock to us. We have set aside stock to release online in 2 batches on 2 separate dates in order to process and manage in store collections effectively.

6. When will you release the 2nd batch online?
The date is yet to be determined but will be a few days after the first batch as it is dependent on speed of customer collections from the 1st batch . We will announce on facebook /on line store when the date has been fixed.

7. Will there be delivery charges?
If you opt for delivery, standard delivery charges will apply. However, you can avoid these by opting to collect your set from your most convenient LCS (Bricks World) store. Due to high demand, please expect deliveries to take longer than our stated standard delivery times. We would recommend that you select in store pick up at any one of our stores.

8. How quickly can I collect in-store?
Most (if not all) orders from the first batch will be available for collection same day as we will process/fulfil on a first order basis. Please wait until you have received a fulfilment email to notify you that your order is ready for collection. We will do our best to expediate the fulfilment process.

9. Will I qualify for a GWP?
The current GWP is 40334 LEGO Avengers Tower, which while it does qualify we expect to be fully redeemed by 1st May. Should there be any available for giveaway we will allocate on a first order basis.

10. Will this set be available globally as per the LEGO announcement?
Yes, the set will be available globally via LEGO Branded retails stores and LEGO Shop at Home from 1st August.

11. Will it be cheaper globally?
We have not been informed of the global pricing.

12. Will the previous LNY sets be made available globally?
At this time TLG have announced that only sets launched on or after 1st May 2019 will be made available globally (at a later date).

13. How many sets have been produced?
We do not have that number.

14. Can I see the set before I decide whether to buy?
The set will be available to view in our stores but can only be purchased on-line.

15. Does member discount apply to my purchase?

16. Will I earn Golden Bricks on my purchase?

17. I am a Member but do not have an online account?
If you provided an email account when you signed up as a Member then you will have an online account, however you will need to activate it. We strongly recommend, to avoid frustration, that you try to log into your account as soon as possible so that we have time to resolve any problems.

You can request an activation link here.

If you are having difficulties or are unsure please follow this link.

If you still have an issue accessing your Member account, then send us your Membership details (Name, Phone number, Membership Number) and we can configure your account and send you an activation email manually.

Please note it may take us a few days to resolve and we cannot take responsibility for you missing out because your account was not configured correctly in time.

If you wish to purchase using a separate online account that is not a Members account, we will not be able to refund a Members discount retrospectively.

18. Do I need to be a Member in order to buy this set online?

19. How do I become a Member?
Good question. To enjoy 10% Members Discount please follow this link. If you wish to purchase Membership, due to the time, we recommend you purchase online rather than in-store but please note our cut off date for purchasing Membership online is 28th April. We cannot guarantee we can process your online Membership in time after this date.

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