Shanghai Police Seize RMB200 Million Worth of Lepin Sets

lepin-dusted-3In a bid to stay level the playing field and showing to the global markets that China does uphold intellectual property rights, the Shanghai police has raided a Lepin factory and seized over 200 million yuan (SGD40 million) worth of goods.

This would be the first notable action against the clone bricks company after the court ruled in October that Lepin infringed on LEGO’s intellectual property.




Hopefully this would be a sign of things to come as clone bricks companies are a dime a dozen and I’m quite certain that there will be other clone bricks companies who could fill in the void.




It is worth to note that Meizhi Model, Lepin’s parent company, has another clone bricks company called Xingbao which also produces sets based on AFOL designs.

3 responses to “Shanghai Police Seize RMB200 Million Worth of Lepin Sets”

  1. XB says:

    So is xingbao still can run ?

  2. arhyn says:

    I feel pity for those company who’s product was being copyrighted and I pray for those who copied their product that they should be put in prison and penalized buy law

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