Rumoured LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Set List!


With the last film of the Skywalker ennealogy premiering at the end of the year, the rumour mill is rife with speculation as to what sets we would be encountering come October.

Our friends over at Brick Fanatics has stumbled upon a possible set list for the upcoming release that will be available for sale on the Triple Force Friday.

Gun Turret – £17.99
A-wing – £24.99
AT-ST – £54.99
Speeder Bike and Landspeeder – £54.99
Y-wing – £74.99
Kylo Ren’s Starship – £109.99
Millennium Falcon – £139.99

While everyone does enjoy a bit of speculation every now and then, do not take this list as gospel because  we should wait for the official announcement from LEGO themselves. Having said that, the rumoured list doesn’t look very inspiring at all.

Just feels like more of the same sets, rehashed just for the new movie. The only other LEGO Star Wars set that I’m looking forward to getting is the LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander (75253).


Although I’m pretty confident we’ll see the new droid “D-0” appear in at least one of the new rumoured sets.

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