Will We Get More LEGO Simpsons Sets?

blocko-cosmic-warsAs most of you know by now that the D23 expo was held over last weekend and there was a little LEGO tidbit that Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons) let slip during his panel.

There was a question & answer session and it was reported that someone asked if there would be more LEGO Simpsons sets on the horizon and Matt himself responded, “it is likely.”


While there is no audio recording of this, it does pose an interesting scenario now that Disney owns the Simpsons after the Fox merger.

Considering the relationship that Disney has with LEGO, that they own the majority of the intellectual properties that LEGO produces sets for, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to continue the LEGO Simpsons line.


So far we have had pretty good response to both The Simpsons House (71006) and The Kwik-E Mart (71016), not to mention two collectible minifigure series (I’m still waiting for a Sideshow Bob minifigure!) plus a highly sought after LEGO Homer Simpson & Krusty the Clown Brickheadz (41632).

lego simpsons brickheadz

I’m in the camp for more LEGO Simpsons as I really love the minifigures and I’m sure there are a few set ideas that could be quite interesting.

Do drop a comment on whether you would like to see more LEGO Simpsons and if so, what sets you might think will be good for the series!

(Via The Brick Fan)

2 responses to “Will We Get More LEGO Simpsons Sets?”

  1. Irving says:

    I love it, I would like more simpson figures in legos!

  2. Jimmy Tucker says:

    For the simpsons the ideas are endless. Bart’s Treehouse. Ottos school Bus. Homers workstation. Krustys Studio (the sound stage). I would love a Moes but don’t see that happing. I do want a bowling ally

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