LEGO Troll World Tour Official Images!


This is certainly information overload week, we had the LEGO main line releases along with the LEGO Manchester United news as well. Now we have the first official look at the LEGO Trolls World Tour theme coming out next year!

LEGO seems to be leaning heavily to intellectual property projects of late and 2020 looks to be packed with even more with this and the Minions theme as well.

Lonsone Flats Raft Adventure (41250) – 173 pcs – 24.99€

lego-trolls-41253-0001 lego-trolls-41253-0002 lego-trolls-41253-0003 (1) lego-trolls-41253-0003 lego-trolls-41253-0004 lego-trolls-41253-0005 lego-trolls-41253-0006

Poppys Pod  (41251) – 103 pcs – 19.99€

lego-trolls-41251-0004lego-trolls-41251-0003 lego-trolls-41251-0005


Poppy’s Air Balloon Adventure  (41252) – 250 pcs – 34.99€

lego-trolls-41252-0001 lego-trolls-41252-0002 lego-trolls-41252-0003 lego-trolls-41252-0004 lego-trolls-41252-0005


Techno Reef Dance Party (41253) 159 pcs – 29.99€

lego-trolls-41250-0001 lego-trolls-41250-0002 lego-trolls-41250-0003 lego-trolls-41250-0004 lego-trolls-41250-0005


Volcano Rock City Concert (41254) – 387 pcs – 39.99€

lego-trolls-41254-0001 lego-trolls-41254-0002 lego-trolls-41254-0003 lego-trolls-41254-0004 lego-trolls-41254-0005


Pop Village Celebration (41255) – 380 pcs – 49.99€

lego-trolls-41255-0001 lego-trolls-41255-0002 lego-trolls-41255-0006 lego-trolls-41255-0004 lego-trolls-41255-0003 lego-trolls-41255-0005lego-trolls-world-tour-41255-pop-village-02


Rainbow Caterbus (41256) – 395 pcs – xx.xx€

lego-trolls-41256-0001 lego-trolls-41256-0002 lego-trolls-41256-0003 lego-trolls-41256-0004 lego-trolls-41256-0005 lego-trolls-41256-0006 lego-trolls-41256-0007


There is actually one more set that we have the image for but have no listing information so if anyone has any details on the set above, do drop a message in the comments.

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