LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz 2020 Official Images

lego-brickheadz-seasonal-fbBack in October, I reported on some of the upcoming LEGO Brickheadz appearing on the shelf of a LEGO store in Europe and now we have the official images to the sets!

There are three that is known so far which is the Valentine’s Day Bear and the Bride and Groom which should replace the LEGO Wedding Toppers for next year.

Valentine’s Day Bear (40379) – 150pcs

lego-brickheadz-40379-0002 lego-brickheadz-40379-0003 lego-brickheadz-40379-0001

Bride (40383) – 306pcs

lego-brickheadz-40383-0001 lego-brickheadz-40383-0002

Groom (40384) – 255pcs

lego-brickheadz-40384-0001 lego-brickheadz-40384-0002

The Bride and Groom BrickHeadz come with additional parts so that you can customise the face and skin tone.

No word yet on how much the BrickHeadz will cost. I will update this post with the relevant information once it becomes available.

(Via Promobricks)

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