LEGO Classic Bricks and Lights (11009) First Look!

lego-classic-bricks-and-lights-11009LEGO has been updating their Shop@Home databases and we now have the official images to the LEGO Classic Bricks and Lights (11009) box!

The box contains 441pcs of different coloured system bricks but what is unique to this assortment is that it comes with two light bricks!

lego-classic-box-11009-2020-0001 lego-classic-box-11009-2020-0002

There is a running theme to the building ideas of this classic box which allows you to create your own little shadow theatre.

lego-classic-box-11009-2020-0011 lego-classic-box-11009-2020-0004 It also teaches you build these ‘holders’ for your 2D creations that has the light brick at the opposite end to cast a shadow on any flat surface.

lego-classic-box-11009-2020-0009 lego-classic-box-11009-2020-0008 lego-classic-box-11009-2020-0007 lego-classic-box-11009-2020-0006 lego-classic-box-11009-2020-0005 lego-classic-box-11009-2020-0003

LEGO Classic Bricks and Lights (11009) will retail for €29.99 (SGD$45) and will be available on January 1st 2020 (or it could be already in stores depending on your market region).

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