LEGO Newsstand Instructions!


There was a cool little “Make and Take” event at the LEGO Brand Stores yesterday where you could build a LEGO Newsstand to complement your LEGO Creator Bookshop.

Scott LeFevre from Flannel Bricks managed to get a slot and shared the instructions with the community for those who were not able to attend due to geographical reasons (ie. the whole of Asia)


Here are the instructions:





And the accompanying the parts list:


There are 155 pcs in all and they don’t look too hard to sift out of one’s stash or purchase on Bricklink.

Good hunting everyone!

(Additional images via Promobricks)

4 responses to “LEGO Newsstand Instructions!”

  1. Josh says:

    Awesome – thank you.
    It’s unique thing like this that makes me follow your page 🤗

  2. […] to the recent LEGO Newsstand “Make and Take” event at the LEGO Store in Germany spotted a flyer that advertised a special “Fan Signing” […]

  3. Tom says:

    Is there a downloadable pdf or anything of the instructions? And looks like there are some special pieces (the newspapers) that are not in the parts list. Any idea where to get some of those?

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