The Republic Gunship will be a LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series Set!

While it may be a surprise for some, the Republic Gunship has been voted to be a LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series set!

The Nebulon B Escort Frigate came in second place and the third went to the TIE-Bomber. I voted for the Nebulon based on the simple fact that is is one of the ships from the original trilogy that has never been given the LEGO treatment.

MOC Nebulon B Frigate by Mortesv

Having said that, I can see why it would be an obvious choice to make since The Clone Wars will be airing their final season soon and the gunship would be more marketable.

MOC Republic Gunship by Sir Lancelot

Hopefully they will give us something interesting with the gunship design instead of rehashing the sets that came before.

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