LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 20 (71027) Revealed at New York Toy Fair!

Image ©The Brothers Brick

I posted about the rumoured character list a couple of days back and LEGO has just unveiled the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 20 (71027) at the New York Toy Fair!

The list was pretty much accurate but now we are actually getting our very first look at the line up!

  • Piñata Boy : piñata figure; poncho; 3L bar and sombrero
  • Hip Hop Dancer : Boom box; Cap with flowing hair
  • Pea Pod Costume Girl : Red apple; Pea Pod Costume
  • Knight : Sword; Helmet + plume; Shield
  • Female Pirate : Cutlass; tricorn hat
  • Space Fan Girl : NASA rocket; 2×3 printed blueprints; spanner; cap
  • Llama Costume Girl : Llama costume; Carrot
  • Viking : Spear; Shield; Gjermundbu Viking helmet; cape; beard
  • Red Ranger : Ranger Helmet; Green energy sword
  • Karate Kid : Nunchucks;
  • Discus / Javelineer : Javalin; 2×2 printed tile discus; medal
  • Diver : Turtle figure; flippers; helmet; plant stem
  • Green Brick Guy : Green Brick costume; 2×2 10th anniversary tile
  • Musician with keytar : Keytar
  • Bunny Pajama Girl : Bunny figure
  • Drone Guy : Drone; 2×2 corner curve tile

I love how LEGO always introduces new elements and accessories in their Collectible Minifigure Series. I’m pretty sure the Bunny Pajama girl will be a hot favourite along with the Llama costume girl.

The Collectible Minifigure Series 20 will retail for SGD$6.90 and will be available in the summer. Good hunting everyone!

(Images via Zusammengebaut)

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