LEGO Xtra Tape Sets First Look!

There was a flurry of news over the course of the day and LEGO has also shared the official images to two of the upcoming LEGO Xtra sets!

LEGO launched the LEGO Xtra theme of accessories to augment your LEGO city with plant elements, mini builds as well as anima figures. Now they are back with some decorative tape to add a little ‘texture’ to your rivers and roads.

LEGO Xtra Tape: Roads (854048) – 36pcs

LEGO Xtra Tape: Rivers (854065) – 24pcs

Both tapes stretch to 15m / 49ft and you can cut them to your desired length. An easier alternative if you’re not able to brick built roads and rivers.

These are slated to hit the shelves on June 1st and will retail for a price of USD$7.99.

(Via Brickset)

One response to “LEGO Xtra Tape Sets First Look!”

  1. Spike says:

    It’s look like toilet paper roll…..

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